Puffection ➿➰➿

Every time I hear a curly girl complain about wash day, my first question is have you tried a simple wash and go? The answer is always no. To me, this has been the quickest and easiest way to wash my hair (all under 35 minutes). It’s fast, looks good, takes minimal effort, and can last you the entire week. The key is using the right products.

Going natural or heatless is every curly girl’s best dream and worst nightmare. For a while I tried following the conventional way I saw most of my fellow curly girls use: a twist out/ braid out. But after many trials and tribulations, I had to accept that this is simply not for me. Not only does my hair take forever and a day to dry, but it just doesn’t hold any one particular pattern- except for its own. In other words my hair does what it wants to do.

In all honesty, finding the perfect hair care routine for individual hair types and curl patterns can take a lot of time and especially money. I’m here to save you both!

After many trials and tribulations, i have finally found the perfect wash and go routine to yield my go to puff y’all love so much. The key for me has been in finding the right curling jelly- the most crucial part of any wash and go.

Since we are on the topic of the perfect wash and go, I’ll share my quick process:

1. Wash hair immediately when I hop in the shower (I go back and forth between shampoo and cowash)

2. Apply the conditioner/ protein masque of my choice that day and let it sit under a plastic cap while I continue to shower, shave, and whatever else I have to do- by the time I’m done, my hair is ready to get rinsed out (typically 8-10 min)

3. Rinse and towel dry

4. Work the oil of my choice throughout my scalp and hair, focusing heavily on my ends- my favorite thing to use right now is castor oil

5. Spray a mixture of half water, half Infusium 23 to revive your natural curl pattern- the heavy oil can sometimes weigh your curls down so this helps them bounce back

6. Apply the curling jelly of your choice and voila!

Now, I’ve mentioned before that the right curling jelly is crucial to creating the perfect wash and go, leading to the ultimate puff.

For a while I had been using Camille Rose curl maker, but like many products it has its pros and cons. It comes in a easy to use bottle with 12oz worth of product. Your hair will definitely look popping immediately and smell so yummy you’ll be tempted to eat it. However, after a couple of days it starts to get these white flakes that drive me absolutely crazy. And let’s be real, nobody got time to be washing their hair every other day.

That’s when I discovered Curls blueberry bliss curl control jelly. Life changing! While it is smaller in size (8oz), it pretty much has all the benefits that Camille Rose offers without the flakiness! The bottle is not as user friendly and it doesn’t smell as sweet, but hey you can never truly go wrong with a blueberry scent. And plus, it’s a little easier on your wallet, which is ultimately what every boughetto fab girl is striving for.

I am all about convenience, so when I discovered Target provides an at home delivery service free of charge, I hopped right on it. The nice part about it is that you can set automatic refills as you see fit- I get my order every 4th of the month without ever having to leave my house or worry about running out of hair product. Camille Rose curl maker will run you for $21.99, while the Curls blueberry bliss is only $15.29 at Target.

What is your favorite hair care product?

Drop some comments and let us know.

Xoxo, Lala 💋

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