Boughetto Fab Fashion for Less: 50 shades of fab ๐Ÿ˜Žโœจ

Ladies, itโ€™s almost summer time- my favorite season!! Time to break out the bikinis and sunglasses!!

Bright colors are an obvious part of the summer. The unique colorful sunglasses are totally in right now. Itโ€™s all about the different shapes and bright colors to spice up your summertime wardrobe. Whether you want to brighten up an otherwise dull outfit, or you simply want to hide a no makeup face, youโ€™ll be sure to turn heads with these bold cat-eye โ€œEverleighโ€ shades! This is def for the boughetto fab girl who isnโ€™t afraid to take risks.

As fashion changes from season to season, so do the shapes and styles of sunglasses. However, this year one thing that remains is the oversized sunglasses. I love how easily you can vary the style and color of this particular shade, and theyโ€™re the perfect accessory to any outfit. Quite honestly, you can dress these sunglasses up just as much as you can dress them down with a casual outfit. Theyโ€™re great to wear in the car just as well as on the beach paired with a fab bikini. This pair is called โ€œAstleyโ€ and is the perfect combination of pink and gold.

Both of these fabulous shades can be found at Abella Eyewear, along with many more styles and colors- there is literally something there for everyone! The processing and shipment is hassle-free, and they come in the cutest protective cases.

As promised we are here to keep you fab all the while saving money. Visit AbellaEyewear and use promo code 1MISSLALA at checkout to save a bunch of money!

We would love to see what you pick out. Tag us on instagram @boughetto_fab and let us know which shades are your fave!

Xoxo, Lala ๐Ÿ’‹

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