A Lil Bit About Us

Boughetto Fab

adjective |ˈbo͞oZH·et·toe fab|

describes someone who seeks to enjoy the finer things in life while on a budget

These are my ladies who can enjoy a weekend sipping wine in the Hamptons or twerking in 2 Chainz’ pink traphouse. As long as it sounds like fun, we’re probably down and will come to slay. Whatever the occasion, we expect it to be top notch and never settle for less!  We live our best lives and experience the best life has to offer, regardless of the amount of zeroes in our bank accounts.  If you love to live a life of luxury but aren’t willing (or able, let’s be honest) to spend thousands of dollars doing so, then you came to the right place. Welcome to the Boughetto Fab life!

Instagram: boughetto_fab

About Kiki Aneké


Kiki, government name Kirsten, is a Jersey Girl currently living in New York City. A corporate professional by day and socialite by night,  in her free time she likes to roam free in the big city, finding the best brunch spots, shopping in SoHo or barhopping in LES (that’s Lower East Side for the non-New Yorkers). She also loves to hit the party scene! It wouldn’t be strange to find her in the VIP section at an exclusive event on a Wednesday night. A true girly girl, she loves all things sparkly, shimmery, or blinged out! Hobbies include shopping, writing, drinking champagne and travelling.

Instagram: @kiki_aneke

Snapchat: @kiki_aneke

About Lala


Lala, officially known as Lorelei, is a world traveler. Hopping from city to city, country to country is her thing; but for now she resides in Miami, Florida. You may catch her on a paradisiacal beach one day or in a winter wonderland the next, but one thing is for sure, she will have some boughetto fab trends to accompany her. Balling on a budget is definitely her motto! Hobbies include brunching (bottomless mimosas is a must!), binging on reality shows, chasing the latest trends and duh, travelling!

Instagram: 1misslala

Snapchat: miiss_lala

Kiki and Lala met at UNC Chapel Hill (go Tarheels!) where they quickly became best friends based on an impeccable sense of style, a confident take-no-shit attitude and the same sarcastic sense of humor. They’ve teamed up to bring you their expertise in finesse so that you can live the fab life you want on the budget you’ve got!